Assistant Hunting Guide Certification

In order to guide for big game as an assistant hunting guide in British Columbia, you must pass the Assistant Hunting Guide Certification exam and secure employment with a licensed guide outfitter. The exam is open-book, and you have 90 minutes to answer 75 true/false and multiple-choice questions. The threshold to pass is 75%. The fee is $250 plus GST, and you are allowed three unsuccessful attempts before you must pay again.

The purpose of the Assistant Hunting Guide Certification exam is to ensure that all guides have consistent and adequate knowledge of wilderness safety as well as provincial laws and regulations.

Potential assistant hunting guides should prepare for the exam by studying the following materials:

  • Wildlife Act – Link
  • Commercial Activities Regulation – Link
  • Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education Manual – Link
  • Hunting and Trapping Regulation Synopsis – Link
  • Hunting Regulation (Wildlife Act) – Link
  • GOABC Assistant Hunting Exam Study Guide – Link

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be able to print a temporary authorization, which will allow you to be employed by a licensed guide outfitter. 

If you are a non-resident, please ensure that you have the proper work permit or visa to allow you to work in Canada.

Assistant Hunting Guide Card Renewal

  • Your Assistant Hunting Guide Certification DOES NOT expire but the information on the Assistant Hunting Guide card does. You can renew your card online through the website.
  • You are not required to renew your Assistant Hunting Guide card. Your HG number remains the same and does not expire. Renewing your Assistant Hunting Guide card is completely optional.
  • The cost to renew your card is $50 plus GST. You will also be able to submit a newer photo and update your contact information if needed.

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