Working in Guide Outfitting

Looking for challenging work in the BC wilderness with a registered BC guide outfitter, or possibly for certification as an Assistant Hunting Guide? Be a part of an important tourism driver and an integral part of species management and conservation.

Visit our job postings, and view resources below for more information. GOABC facilitates connections between guide outfitters and workers interested in positions as assistant guides, wranglers, cooks or camp helpers.

Work in BC Guide Outfitting

Guide Outfitting History

By the mid 1800’s, the world’s hunting fraternity had learned that British Columbia (BC) harbored one of North America’s most magnificent big game populations.

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Looking for a position with a guide outfitter? Post the type of work you are looking for so that our members can find you!

Help Wanted

The jobs posted below are from our member guide outfitters. Please note that you can apply for the jobs listed but it is up to

First Nations Mentorship Program

The provincial government has entrusted the GOABC with money to fund projects that establish positive ongoing relationships between outfitters and individual First Nations.

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