Unlikely allies call on provincial government to protect fish and wildlife

As B.C. faces a biodiversity crisis, a new coalition of unlikely allies is calling on the provincial government to live up to its promises and protect ‘Beautiful British Columbia’


Vancouver, BC – As B.C.’s landscapes are fragmented by industrial activities and the province faces biodiversity collapse, with more than 2,000 species at risk of extinction, guide outfitters, hunters, fishers and trappers are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with naturalists, ecotourism operators and conservation organizations in a new coalition calling on the province to protect B.C.’s ecosystems before it’s too late.

The Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition launched in May with the hope that the diversity of its members will force the province to listen and take action.  The unlikely alliance includes 25 organizations, representing around 275,000 British Columbians and over 900 businesses — and new members continue to join the ranks.

The Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) is proud to be one of those organizations and hopes government takes notice of this group of unlikely allies.

“We’re pretty excited to see what this group can accomplish in the coming months,” said GOABC’s Executive Director and CEO Scott Ellis.  “It wasn’t easy to convince the GOABC board and membership to join forces with organizations that are anti-hunting, but turns out, we align on almost every concern about our water, our forest, about climate change concerns, our fish populations, and our wildlife populations.  Government has got to realize that if a group like this can come to this kind of alignment, they had better pay attention.”

Read the full article as featured in The Narwhal https://thenarwhal.ca/bc-hunting-conservation-fish-wildlife/


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