The Lady of the Year Award is presented annually to a dedicated woman in recognition of contributions made to her family business and/or the guide outfitting industry in British Columbia.

In 2001, long-time GOABC board member, Bob Nielsen, established the Lady of the Year Award in memory of Cy Ford. Cy Ford was renowned as a premier grizzly and black bear guide in British Columbia’s coastal region. To pay homage to Cy, the Lady of the Year Award features a prominently displayed bear.

Previous Recipients

Linda Lancaster – 2001
Judy Maida – 2003
Dixie Hammett – 2005
Marilyn Hooper – 2007
Wendy Cary – 2009
Barb Perkinson – 2011
Crystal Thompson – 2013
Stefanie Leuenberger – 2015
Kelli Thornton & Lori Warren – 2017
Dixie Hammett – 2017
Marcella Hubbard – 2022

Brenda Nelson – 2002
Sherry Bradford – 2004
Debbie Beattie – 2006
Irene Fyfe – 2008
Anna Fontana – 2010
Andrea Lee – 2012
Dixie Hammett – 2014
Lori Bowden & Wendy cary – 2016
Manuela Schneider – 2018
Brandie Olmstead – 2020/21
Jennifer Johnson – 2023

Who can submit nominations?

Any GOABC members in good standing for 2023 can submit nominations for the Lady of the Year Award. The deadline for nominations is February 15, 2024.

How do I submit my nomination?

Mail: Suite 103 19140 28th Avenue Surrey, BC V3Z 6M3

Fax: (604) 541-6339


Form below:

Lady of the Year nomination form
Name of Nominee
Name of Nominee
Name of GOABC Member
Name of GOABC Member

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

If you would like to upload photos, video or additional documents to support this nomination you can do so here.

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