The Cutbanks Conversations: Episode 7

Pandemics, The Grizzly Bear Hunt and managing for change in BC’s Guiding Industry. A Conversation with Scott Ellis – Executive Director of Guide Outfitters of BC. 

We discuss Scott Ellis’s history with GOABC and the reasons for its inception in 1966. The history of Guiding in BC as the provinces oldest tourism based business starting with Tahltan First Nation in Telegraph Creek. An overview of some of the key engagements of the GOABC.

COVID and it’s impacts on the 2020 Hunting Season. With 245 Guiding operations in BC with no spring season and more than likely no fall season, what are the economic impacts for Guide operations in the province. Returning to work proposals that would allow guiding to resume this fall.

The Closure of the Grizzly Bear hunt in 2017 and its implications on the 120 Grizzly tenure operations in the province. A cautionary tale about the nature of social and political management in wildlife stewardship.

The challenges and opportunities in front of GOABC in the coming months and years. Working through First Nations reconciliation, active wildlife management with clear objectives and engaging the non-hunting population in BC in a dialogue that seeks to provide insight versus conflict.

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