Big Game Species in BC


Rocky Mountain Elk

Elk meat is leaner and higher in protein than both chicken and beef.

Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) is a subspecies of elk found in the Rocky Mountains and adjacent ranges of Western North America. In the summer, Rocky Mountain elk are generally copper-brown and in the fall, winter, and spring, a lighter tan. The rump patch is often light beige and the legs and neck are often darker than the rest of the body.

In the summer, Rocky Moutain elk feed on grasses and forbs, while in the spring and fall they primarily feed on grasses. In winter, they feed on grasses, shrubs, tree bark, and twigs. They often supplement their diet at mineral licks.

Adult bulls generally weigh up to 700lbs and adult cows weigh up to 500lbs.

photo credit: Ironman 100