First Nations Mentorship Program

The provincial government has entrusted the GOABC with money to fund projects that establish positive ongoing relationships between outfitters and individual First Nations.

News Releases

The latest news from GOABC and resources for wildlife conservation, industry development, hunting and fishing.

Economic Impact

Economic Impact of Outfitters

The Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations (CFOA) is proud to unveil the results of the first-ever study on the economics of Canada’s outfitting industry.

Wildlife DNA Collection Program

Many wildlife managers are experiencing limitations that prevent them from securing the data they need. The GOABC wants to help provide citizen science to improve population data.

Our Role in Conservation

GOABC advocates for science-based wildlife management and wants decision-makers to value wildlife and their habitat in land use decisions. There are many factors to consider and decisions are often made to grow the economy but if we put a higher value on wildlife, including grizzly bears, we will see their population continue to be healthy […]

Who Cares?

Guide outfitters have a responsibility for the stewardship of wildlife populations in BC and take great care in conservation efforts.

Fair Chase Food Program

2018 Kelowna donation board

People are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of miles between soil and plate, pesticides on their produce, and hormones in their meat.

Sustainable Use

The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia is a strong supporter of The North American Wildlife Conservation Model.

Wildlife Conservation Fee

Range Stewardship Program News Release image

The Wildlife Conservation Fee (WCF) was established by GOABC to help ensure that non-residents will continue to have the opportunity to hunt in British Columbia.

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