Our Role in Conservation

GOABC advocates for science-based wildlife management and wants decision-makers to value wildlife and their habitat in land use decisions. There are many factors to consider and decisions are often made to grow the economy but if we put a higher value on wildlife, including grizzly bears, we will see their population continue to be healthy and grow.

Guide outfitters often live within their guide territory and have extensive knowledge on habitat conditions, predator-prey relationships, and the overall ecosystem in which they operate. We believe in sustainable use and often witness the changes in species populations first. Our on-the-ground knowledge indicates that grizzly bear populations are healthy and growing. We are seeing bears in greater densities in areas where we have not seen them in generations.

Who Cares?

Guide outfitters have a responsibility for the stewardship of wildlife populations in BC and take great care in conservation efforts.

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Wildlife Stewardship

Hunters and outfitters care about wildlife and take a long-term approach to its management. They also invest thousands of volunteer hours into initiatives that benefit wildlife and its habitat.

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Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting is selective hunting.  It is choosing to take the biggest and the oldest animal of a species, helping the health of the population. 

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Economic Impact of Outfitters

Economic Impact

The Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations (CFOA) is proud to unveil the results of the first-ever study on the economics of Canada’s outfitting industry.

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