Northwest Territories (AMMO)

The Northwest Territories is a territory of Canada with a population estimate of 45,504 (2021) and is the most populous territory in northern Canada. It is bordered by Canada’s two other territories, Nunavut to the east and Yukon to the west, and by the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to the south. With over 1,300,000 km² (500,000 sq mi) the Northwest Territories have a large climate variant from south to north. The southern part of the territory (most of the mainland portion) has a subarctic climate while the islands and northern coast have a polar climate. This remote region is known for Alaska-Yukon moose, Dall’s sheep mountain caribou, and mountain goats .

The Mackenzie Mountains of NWT, where the members of the Association of Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters operate, cover a vast stretch of absolutely wild and untouched land (54.000 square miles or 34.6 million acres), running east of the Yukon border, west of the Mackenzie River, unfolding their breathtaking beauty from the BC border to the northern tundra that sweeps on into the Arctic Ocean.

There are no roads, no towns or villages, no year around residents and no resident hunters. This is a primordial land that has not changed since Alexander Mackenzie explored the mighty river that now bears his name. Hunting in the Mackenzie’s is therefore a wilderness experience in its truest form and while your eyes follow wild mountain ranges that loose themselves in the horizons, the game you pursue will wonder about your unknown presence, will be unaware of the existence of man.

AMMO - Association of Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters

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