A province with a strong and stable guide outfitting industry and abundant big game populations for all to enjoy, both today and in the future.


As passionate advocates for wildlife, the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) is the recognized voice of the guide outfitting family.

With integrity and professionalism, GOABC promotes the conservation, stewardship and sustainable use of wildlife.

4 Core Values

  • Professionalism – competency in our engagements with membership, the public and government
  • Integrity – adherence to moral and ethical principles
  • Passion – we eat, sleep and breathe our livelihood
  • Family – family is the heart and soul of outfitting


GOABC Code of Conduct

A member shall have particular regard to the provision of clean, sanitary accommodation and to promote the highest standards possible in the preparation of food.
A member is required to provide and maintain stock, equipment, food supplies and facilities commensurate with those as advertised to the public. A member who gives false or misleading information to prospective clients with regards to stock, equipment, food supplies or facilities contravenes the Code of Ethics and Standards. In addition, a member who gives false or misleading information relating to fees and expenses also contravenes the Code.
A member shall not trespass upon the rights of other members.
A member must be familiar with the Wildlife Act and other related statutes and the regulations enacted there under, and should advise both employees and clients of their rights and responsibilities while under his jurisdiction.
A member shall practice sound wildlife conservation and promote and encourage its practice by others.
A member shall not cause, encourage or condone any violation of the Wildlife Act and/or related statutes and of the regulations passed there under and shall maintain high standards of public safety.
A member shall be willing and capable of making restitution in cash or in kind for breach of contract between themselves and the customer where the customer is not at fault.
A member shall maintain a degree of proficiency, responsibility and professionalism satisfactory to the membership and standards of the association.

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