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Can we count on your support?

If you care about wildlife in BC, NOW is your chance to help advocate for healthy and abundant wildlife in British Columbia.

Our vision is of a province with a strong and stable guide outfitting industry and abundant wildlife populations for all to enjoy, both today and in the future. If your values align with ours, we ask you to support us by donating items to our major fundraising auction to be held in Kelowna on Saturday, March 23, 2024.

We are a small, not-for-profit society that looks for solutions to the challenges wildlife in BC are facing.  The money raised will be used to fund our government lobbying efforts, advocating for science-based wildlife management. We want clear population objectives, and for provincial wildlife managers to be given the tools and accountability to manage to those objectives. We want wildlife to be seen as a valuable resource so that land-based decisions consider them and their habitat.

Our annual convention is a key fundraiser for our organization; therefore, we hope we can count on your support. Always most popular are items that are useful to outfitters and their families – items they must buy to sustain their business and clients – and for which they would prefer to see their money go to fund GOABC-led initiatives.  Some ideas include: camp, horse, and dog supplies; tents, tarps, chainsaws, and pack boxes; gear and optics; etc. or fun/interesting/useful items for home or lodge.

We are deeply grateful for your continued support. Your gift makes a huge impact today and for the generations yet to come.

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