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Gunson Guiding & Outfitting

British Columbia
Moose, Caribou, Goat, Stone's Sheep & Black bear Hunts

We run a small Canadian Hunting Outfitter operation in a large area (~2000 square miles) in the far north of British Columbia. We offer wilderness hunts for quality game. At our location on the Yukon border, we hunt some of the biggest Canadian moose, anywhere. You won’t find anything closer to an Alaska-Yukon moose, without going to Alaska or the Yukon.

Whitetail, moose & Bear hunting

Our Saskatchewan Whitetail territory is unique in that it is a true wilderness camp – there is essentially no hunting pressure, and many of the deer can live their life without encountering a human. Being a wilderness area, the deer densities are not as high as in some farmland areas, but our bucks get BIG.  We are located in an area of prime Black Bear habitat which gives us high bear densities, and big bear. While we are always experimenting with new locations and hunting tactics, we have a core group of bait sites that have been hunted for years– the bear know where they are and come back, year after year after year.

Hunt Features: Archery/bow, ATV/truck, fly-in, horseback, lodge/cabin, muzzleloader, rifle, spike camp, spot & stalk, wall tent
Contact Information
Member: Jake Gunson
Main Phone: 250-500-2717
Hunt Region: Northern

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