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Bow River Guiding Company

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A classic cattle operation on the front range of the Canadian Rockies, the Palmer Ranch is a flyfisher's dream and base camp for adventure.

The Ranch provides exclusive access to approximately 6500 acres of private land in a scenic setting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and Waterton National Park. The diversity of habitat creates premium conditions to support a large resident herd of whitetail deer that use the Waterton River bottom as sanctuary. The herd routinely moves out to adjacent fields to feed in the evenings, and return to cover in the morning. In the fall, the herd attracts some of the best bucks in the region, and creates an opportunity for the hunter to be selective.

As well, the ranch encompasses a broad ridge overlooking the Waterton River that forms the rangeland for mule deer. With the ranch's proximity to woodland and mountain forest it is a good bet that a few trophy mule deer will reside on the property throughout the year and attract competition during the fall hunt.

Our hunt style is leisurely spot and stalk technique utilizing 4 by 4. All hunts are fair chase. We host few hunts to optimize results on trophy deer and boast a 100 percent success over 15 years.

Hunt Features: Horseback, hounds, lodge/cabin, rifle, spot & stalk
Contact Information
Member: Brian Larsen
Main Phone: 250-423-5887
Hunt Region: Southern

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