Interview on CBC Radio regarding Grizzly Ban

It’s a sad day when we move away from science-based decisions…

Scott Ellis, Executive Director of GOABC was interviewed on CBC – As it Happens on August 15, 2017


The science shows that bear populations are healthy and growing and we are seeing bears where they have never been seen before.

The ban is really about the emotional position people have about whether we should be hunting bears.  The actual hunt has been controlled by the government since 1976 with resident hunters on a draw and non-residents booking with a guide outfitter who has very strict quotas.  Scott answers questions about the hunt, the effects on guide outfitters, First Nations who are guide outfitters and the government/political aspects of the decision.  He talks about other species that are currently on the decline and need better management. He mentions that changing over from bear-hunting to bear-viewing type operations works fine on the coast and in the Great Bear Rainforest where hunting is already banned, but is not feasible for the rest of the province where the terrain is more rugged and remote.

Listen to the full interview – click on the audio clip.

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