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When it concerns hunting in British Columbia, GOABC often gets asked to voice opinions, views and information by local and regional news outlets and agencies.  The following are audio file recordings of interviews with GOABC members concerning the hunting ban on grizzly bears.

Interview about the Grizzly Hunt

by CBC Radio As it Happens - Aug 15, 2017 | with Scott Ellis of GOABC

Grizzly bear trophy hunt to end

by CBC Radio - On the Coast - Aug 14, 2017 | with Mark Werner

Trophy Hunting in BC

by CKNW Radio - Aug 14, 2017 | Includes listener comments

BC Banning Bear Trophy Hunting

by Ryan Jespersen Show- CHED - Aug 15, 2017 | with Mark Werner

Difference of Opinions on Controversial Grizzly Hunt Ban

by Jon McComb - CKNW Aug 15, 2017 | Mark Werner & Dr. Fiasal Moola

Should Trophy Hunting Be Banned in BC

by Linda Steele- CKNW - Jan 27, 2016 | with Scott Ellis and Dr. Fiasal Moola

Should the NDP Ban Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting?

by Jon McComb - CKNW July 24, 2017 | Mark Werner & Al Martin

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