First Nations Guide Mentorship Program

First Nations Guide Mentorship Program

About the Program

The provincial government has provided the GOABC with some funds to support projects that establish positive ongoing relationships between outfitters and individual First Nations, improve wildlife management, encourage cooperation regarding land use, and assist with reconciliation.

Through mentorship and training, the project aims to foster cooperation, opportunity, and capacity on the land where guide certificate areas overlap with First Nation traditional territories.

The scope of the initiatives can include acquiring business knowledge (e.g., marketing and business valuation); re-claiming lost cultural knowledge and traditional practices (e.g., hunting); facilitating knowledge-exchange for at-risk Indigenous youth to teach cultural knowledge and traditional practices; and facilitating reconciliation through Indigenous history, ways of knowing, and healing.

Expected Results

The project targets the following expected results:

  1. Encourage outfitters to contact First Nation communities within their operating guide territory.
  2. Establish good relationships between outfitters and First Nations and create a process that will lead to a better understanding for all.
  3. Where a First Nation and an outfitter recognize potential benefits in building a positive relationship, provide encouragement through monetary, educational, and administrative support.
  4. Assist with the building of capacity in First Nation communities for participation in the guide outfitting industry and capacity for other related businesses, such as businesses related to wilderness and cultural experiences.

Eligible Activities

Meetings, field trips, workshops or training, shared wilderness outings, or knowledge exchange between Indigenous youth and elders and guides, that facilitate any of the following: cultural healing; reconciliation; Indigenous ways of knowing and cultural practices; guide outfitter business knowledge; business valuation; marketing; guidance on working with First Nations, or anything that otherwise fosters positive relationship building between First Nations and outfitters.

Final Reporting

All approved projects must submit a final report to receive final funding. 

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