The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia was established in 1966 to represent the guide outfitting industry. As a non-resident hunter, connecting with a GOABC member gives you a number of advantages. Just ASK US! 

As a professional association, we hold our members accountable for being fair, ethical, and professional.

GOABC members sign a Code of Conduct and follow Best Practices in regards to hunting ethics and fair chase. Hunt deposits are protected with outfitters who are covered by GOABC’s insurance policy.

Guide outfitters have a rich tradition of sustainable hunting practices and are conservative in their wildlife
conservation principles.

Through the association, GOABC members stay current on the latest laws, policies, and requirements affecting guide outfitting. Association members are generally more experienced and are often more deeply involved in the industry. All GOABC members are bonded and carry liability insurance.

GOABC members work together and understand the importance of being united, always striving towards the betterment of the guide outfitting industry.

Wildlife FirstTM. Defined territories ensure that GOABC members take a long-term perspective on wildlife management.

GOABC – In the Media

Read the latest news from GOABC affecting hunting, conservation, and wildlife management in BC.

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