Wildlife Conservation Fees

Non-Resident Hunters

Non-resident hunters receive a free one-year subscription (three issues) to Mountain Hunter™ magazine when they contribute to the Wildlife Conservation Fee (WCF).

Hunting is coming under increasing pressure. While animal rights activists appear to be focusing on bear hunting, their long-term objective is to stop all hunting. The anti-hunting pressure from the “anti-everything” organizations is united and organized. They have unlimited resources and are using new strategies and building alliances to advance their agenda.

The hunting community is relatively small and must be more united. Our opportunity will be lost if we are fragmented by where we are from, the equipment we use, the species we pursue or the reasons we hunt.

The Wildlife Conservation Fee (WCF) was established by GOABC to help ensure that non-residents will continue to have the opportunity to hunt in British Columbia, Yukon, and NWT.

Non-resident hunters who contribute to the WCF receive a one-year subscription (three issues) to Mountain Hunter™ magazine.