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Recent Hunting Postings

North American Bison

Bison Hunt for 3

Time: November 16-30, 2016
Budget: $3000 US

We have a group hunt for maximum of 2 Bison draw for Zone A of 7-57, from November 16-30, 2016. Either sex, any age. We are interested in discussing the options for level of service, what can be provided and the relative cost, etc. We would likely want to hunt for just one week, from November 16 – 23, although we are flexible.

North American Bison

Bison Hunt for 1

Time: Fall 2016 Spring 2017
Budget: $negotiable US

Looking for a bison hunt for fall 2016 or spring 2017. Can possibly accommodate a cancellation hunt.

Shiras Moose

Moose Hunt for 2

Time: Fall September 2017
Budget: $7500US

Father/Daughter pair looking for a guide. $7500 is our limit.

Whitetail Deer

Deer Hunt for 1

Time: During October 2016
Budget: $3000
Looking to fill a mule deer tag as a non resident. New to area, experienced hunter looking to put venison in the freezer.

Shiras Moose

Moose Hunt for 1

Time: Fall (sept/oct) 2017 Rut
Budget: $5000 to $8000US

Want a 50 inch plus bull in rut hunt.

Shiras Moose

Moose Hunt for 2

Time: Fall (sept/oct) 2017 Rut   Budget: $5000 to $7000US

Plus 2 accompanying non-hunters who would like to do some unguided fishing.

We are a group of four bowhunters, but only 2 of us will be hunting. The other 2 would like to accompany on the hunt to watch, video and glass. They are experienced anglers so they would like to fish unguided whilst there. We would like to do a trophy moose hunt (the biggest palm spread is not necessarily the goal). We are looking to do the hunt during the rut or pre-rut in the fall of 2017, with bows. However, on the last day or two, if we haven’t arrowed a moose, we would like the option of using a rifle just in case. Though bow and arrow is preferred 🙂 We’d like the fee for the hunters to be between $5,000 and $7,000 all inclusive (food, lodging, hunt, guide or guides ( we are ok with a 1-1 or 2-1 guide), licenses, taxes, extraneous fees, pickup/dropoff from airport etc. However we are also ok with purchasing a fishing license for the anglers. Also, we are ok with a lodge type accommodation or a cabin/remote tent type hunt. What would a non-hunter fee be to accompany us?

Thank you so much in advance for any information you might have! This is for my 40th birthday and we are really looking forward to it, coming from Texas!

Goat Hunt for 1

Time: During September 2017
Horseback preferably with the opportunity to take a second game such as Black Bear, Grizzly, Moose, Elk or Caribou.

Grizzly Hunt for 1

Time: September-October 2016  Budget: $12000 (US)
I am a Manitoba resident. Looking for Grizzly hunt, with the possibility of combining with moose or elk, caribou second species. Prefer horseback hunting the high country. Could be ready on short notice.

Shiras Moose

Moose Hunt for 1

Time: During September 2016
What is the best period for the rut?

Goat Hunt for 1

Time: During September 2017   Budget: $10,000
Looking for archery mountain goat hunt with high success. I have taken one with a rifle want to try with archery.

Shiras Moose

Moose Hunt for 2

Time: During September 2016
Budget: $7500

Whitetail Deer

Deer Hunt for 4

Time: During September 2016
Good day, name is Randy Forbes president veterans outdoors canada, you can go to our web page at to see what we do for our veterans and other clients. Currently looking for outfitter or private guide who might wish to volunteer as business manager for veterans outdoors to run it for the province of B.C. and establish it as a source of help for our veterans that live in B.C. A feather in the cap of any outfitter for your clients to know you participate or volunteer time for VETERANS OUTDOORS CANADA. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Randy Forbes president Veterans Outdoors Canada

Grizzly Bear Hunt for 2

Time: During May 2016   Budget: $2000
Looking for a guide for May 21 and 22. Will be in Granisle from May 20-23. Have my own equipment and a Grizzly draw for 6-8.

Stone Sheep

Stone Sheep Hunt for 1

Time: During August 2017   Budget: Open
Also open to 2016. DARK rams only. Already have Fannin. Please use e-mail initially. Prefer horseback and in BC but open to other ways of getting it done.

Grizzly Bear Hunt for 1

Time: During September 2016
2016 or 2017, Spring or Fall. What I’ll spend depends on area and incidentals. Prefer hunting the high country instead of the river bottoms. Mt. Caribou add-on possible.

Rocky Mountain Elk

Rocky Mtn Elk Hunt for 1

Time: During September 2017   Budget: $8000
fly-in and/or horseback-in. tags included

Caribou in BC

Caribou Hunt for 2

Time: During September 2017   Budget: $12000
Looking to get an idea on available hunts with the possibility of combining with Moses or a second species

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