Company: DB Outfitting
Contact Name: Dominique Sporer
Contact Email:
Job Location: Near Burns Lake
Job Type: Camp Helper, Cook | Job Category: Seasonal

Job Description:

We are looking for a seasonal camp cook and child care in our hunting camp this spring 2024.

Cooking: Hours would generally be 11-11, cooking dinner for guides and hunters, dishes and depending on weather, making fires in cabins and some light camp chores.

Child Care: We have two girls 6 and 8. Making meals/snacks for them throughout the day and keeping an eye on them. You would also bring them to bed. Some help with their school work would be good.

Camp: You will have your own cabin. There are outhouses and a shower. There is cell reception in camp. We only have a generator for power to run the freezer and lights at night. We’re located 20 minutes out of Burns Lake.

Camp is electrically fenced and we have a dog also. Guides and hunters are gone all day, so things can get pretty quiet.

Season is from May 6 to June 15, 2024.

Pay: $180/day (includes food and lodging). You must have your own vehicle to get there.

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