GOABC Release Moose Management Report

The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) is pleased to be releasing a comprehensive moose management plan that puts moose first. The report, Moose Enhancement and Recovery Strategy, is a scientific, peer-reviewed management report that identifies best practices to protect and enhance moose populations throughout the province.

The guide outfitting industry, like First Nations and local hunters, rely on healthy moose populations. Many outfitters have experienced the decline of moose populations within their territories and are very supportive of the government taking action to enhance and recover moose populations in British Columbia. “Guides, First Nations and other stakeholders all agree on the importance of moose and the need for action now,” says Michael Schneider, President of GOABC.

The province contracted Al Gorely, Triangle Resources Inc., to develop a Moose Enhancement and Recovery Strategy. Our paper is designed to complement the Gorley paper and help set regional objectives within the provincial framework to focus on moose recovery.

Implementation of the recommendations and actions identified by Gorley and the moose management report are key to the successful recovery of moose populations and we encourage government to take action now. GOABC wishes to recognize the provincial government for fulfilling its commitment to science-based wildlife management in the management of BC wildlife.

For more information please contact Scott Ellis at ellis@goabc.org or 604-541-6332.

Shiras Moose

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