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Annual Fundraiser goes virtual – Saturday, June 19, 2021.

March 20th, 2020 – a day that will forever have historical significance, for the world, but also for the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) and our members.  It was on this day that that the Canada-US border – the longest international border in the word – was closed to all non-essential travel.  Ten long months later, it remains closed, with no opening in sight.

Rolling forward in 30-day increments, sequential border closure announcements have made it virtually impossible for outfitters to pivot or adapt.  Repercussions for our members have been enormous.  Ninety percent of their clients are international travelers, a significant number of whom reside in the USA.  While we continue to work hard and remain hopeful for fall 2021, the future remains uncertain – and bleak.

The GOABC exists to serve as an indispensable resource to our members and the outfitting industry.  Since mid-March, we have invested countless hours in the ever-expanding COVID-19 file.  Through our membership with the Canadian Federation of Outfitters Associations (CFOA) we were able to make amendments to the federal aid provisions, achieving qualification for most of our members.  We have also been successful in obtaining outfitter eligibility for the provincial programs and getting many provincial fees waived for 2020.  We continue to negotiate with government to adjust harvest quotas to compensate for their inability to operate in 2020.

We were one of the first in BC to deliver on the Minister of Tourism’s request for a sector-wide Best Practices document.  Shared with the industry, this document serves as a guideline for the development of outfitters’ mandatory WorkSafeBC COVID-19 Safety Plans.  Our people are eager to demonstrate their ability to operate safely while still delivering the quality hunting and angling experiences that British Columbia is known for.  All still moot until the borders open.

We are preparing for our reimagined annual fundraiser – but in a year like no other, we are asking for your unprecedented support.  Especially if 2020 was a banner retail year for you, we are asking you to dig deep. We will be utilizing the online auction platform we have used in previous years, onlinehuntgauctions.com to fundraise, with the help of your donations, on Saturday, June 19, 2021.

The GOABC is a member-funded, not-for-profit organization with close to 80 percent of our revenue derived from our members.  However, in these challenging times we simply cannot ask our members for what they do not have.  Yet, we must continue to exist to lead the charge, ensuring that the outfitting sector survives this pandemic.

In these unusual times, we are asking for your unprecedented support.  If the conservation, stewardship, and sustainable use of wildlife are high priorities for you, if you are concerned for outfitting families in British Columbia, and if you wish to ensure that hunting will continue for future generations, we would greatly appreciate that you give like you never have before.

Contact Jennifer Johnson, Sponsor and Donor Coordinator, with any questions at 1-877-818-2688 or donations@goabc.org.

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