Wildlife Stewardship


Conservation at WorkHunters and outfitters care about wildlife and take a long-term approach to their management. We also invest thousands of volunteer hours for initiatives that will benefit wildlife or their habitat.

The Conservation at Work document highlights some of the recent projects completed by GOABC and our members.

Shane Mahoney is considered one of the leading international authorities on wildlife conservation.

A rare combination of historian, scientist and philosopher, Shane brings a unique perspective to wildlife issues that inspires and motivates audiences around the world. Named one of the Ten Most Influential Canadian Conservationists by Outdoor Canada Magazine and nominated for Person of the Year by Outdoor Life Magazine, he has received numerous awards including the Public Service Award of Excellence from the government of Newfoundland and Labrador and International Conservationist of the Year from Safari Club International.

Born and raised in Newfoundland, he brings to his writings and lectures a profound commitment to rural societies, and the sustainable use of natural resources, including fish and wildlife.

Shane Mahoney speaks at Premier’s BC Natural Resource Forum

Spring 2016

Wildlife & Private Land: Conservation’s Enduring Controversy Part 1

Fall 2015

The American Buffalo and the Death of Freedom

Winter 2014

Trophy Hunting: False Distinctions and the Risks They Bring

Winter 2015

Saga of the White Bear

Spring 2015

Should Hunter’s Fear a Wider Conservation Coalition?

Fall 2014

Size, Influence, and Power: Are these the Wings of Leadership?

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