Wildlife DNA Collection Program


Under the North American Wildlife Conservation Model, science and law are crucial pillars for wildlife management.

Unfortunately, many wildlife managers are experiencing limitations that prevent them from securing the data they need. The GOABC wants to help with citizen science and improve population data.

Guide outfitters spend a considerable time in the backcountry and, as a result, they know wildlife populations and habitat very well. The Wildlife DNA Collection Program provides a way to harness this knowledge and time spent afield.
This is an effective way to secure important wildlife data.

Members of GOABC who wish to participate in the program are provided with Wildlife DNA Collection Kits. These kits are easy to use in the field and the sample cards are mailed back to GOABC. The cards are catalogued and stored. Eventually the DNA samples will be sequenced to help provide insight into the health and size of wildlife populations in our province.

Wildlife DNA Collection

GOABC Past President Mark Werner collecting a blood sample for the DNA Collection Program.

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