Wildlife Management and Conservation


Conservation Matters

In December 2011, the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) held its first International Wildlife Management Symposium Managing Wildlife in the Next Century. Exploring techniques and strategies for different jurisdictions around the world.

As initially envisioned, each speaker investigated the web of connections between social, political, economic and environmental pressures on wildlife management. This was extremely valuable as the attendees learned how similar the core issues were regardless of species or country.

Conservation Matters - Second Edition

The second International Wildlife Management Symposium, Stewardship in Action was to explore some of the most pressing and controversial topics in wildlife management. Purposefully, we gathered experts with different views on conservation and the role of hunters in wildlife management.

For over a century, conservationists have worried that human activities would lead to the extinction of many wildlife species. Through strong science, long term vision, and the investment of hunters, we were able to balance the effects of development with wildlife stewardship. This helped create the strong wildlife populations we have today. With growing human populations and increasing industrial development on the land, we have increased challenges to do what is best for wildlife.

Wildlife Stewardship Series

In 2006, GOABC launched the Wildlife Stewardship Series, a program designed to address relevant and timely issues in wildlife management. Bringing together guide outfitters, government, biologists, First Nations and wildlife managers, the series stimulate meaningful discussion and developed recommendations for government.

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Wildlife Stewardship 1 - Stone Sheep
Wildlife Stewardship 2 - Caribou
Wildlife Stewardship 3 - Mountain Goat
Wildlife Stewardship 4 - Moose

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