BCO: GOABC’s Stance on Predator Hunting

PREDATOR HUNTING is a controversial and highly emotional topic. But let’s go there. Fact is that humans have altered the landscape in ways that have substantially benefited predators. Their populations have increased dramatically throughout most of BC. Therefore, they need to be managed. Download the article here

Who Cares? – Focus Hunting Podcast

Who Cares about wildlife in British Columbia? December 18, 2020 – FOCUS HUNTING PODCAST – EPISODE #12 with guest Scott Ellis, the executive director of the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia.  Kevin Toye and Scott talk about the outfitting industry, the impact of COVID-19, anti-hunters, and the ban on hunting grizzly bears. Listen to […]

GOABC and SCI Canada Support Science-Based Predator Hunting

Gray Wolf

As leaders in advocacy for the freedom to hunt and science-based wildlife management, the GOABC and SCI Canada have together put forward their position on predator hunting. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 8, 2021 SCI Canada and the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia (GOABC) support the Safari Club International (SCI) and Safari Club International Foundation […]

BCO: Standing United on Primary Prey Theory

THE MISSION of the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) is to promote the conservation, stewardship and sustainable use of wildlife. One way we accomplish this is by partnering with other organizations, provincially, nationally and internationally, thereby combining our efforts for greatest impact. Download the article here

BCO: Is it better to manage wildlife by emotion or science?

EMOTIONAL TOPICS receive media time – intentionally shocking us into a response to grab our attention. Wildlife management is an easy target because it involves complex, emotional, life-and-death decisions. Plenty of fodder there! Download the article here

The Cutbanks Conversations: Episode 21

The Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition – Unlikely Allies on a United Front. Guests: Alan Duffy – Chair BC Back Country Hunters and Anglers, Mike Schroeder – Wild Sheep Society of BC, Evan Saugstad – BC Interior SCI, Scott Ellis Executive Director Guide Outfitters Association of BC. Listen to the episode here

BCO: A Time for Adaptation

WE FIND OURSELVES in the connected age where the pace of progress is increasing exponentially. Social polarization is rife and, because of it, the hunting environment is changing rapidly. As hunters, we must pay attention, make smart decisions and evolve to adapt and survive. Download the article

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