BCO: Is it better to manage wildlife by emotion or science?

EMOTIONAL TOPICS receive media time – intentionally shocking us into a response to grab our attention. Wildlife management is an easy target because it involves complex, emotional, life-and-death decisions. Plenty of fodder there! Download the article here

The Cutbanks Conversations: Episode 21

The Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Coalition – Unlikely Allies on a United Front. Guests: Alan Duffy – Chair BC Back Country Hunters and Anglers, Mike Schroeder – Wild Sheep Society of BC, Evan Saugstad – BC Interior SCI, Scott Ellis Executive Director Guide Outfitters Association of BC. Listen to the episode here

Focus Hunting Podcast: Episode 12

On December 18, Scott joined Focus Hunting podcast host Kevin Toye discuss the impact guide outfitters have on the hunting industry, the impacts of Covid, Anti-hunters, predators and the Grizzly bear ban. Click here to listen to the episode

The Cutbanks Conversations: Episode 15

The Year that Wasn’t – a look back on 2020 and the challenges of a global Pandemic. A quick review on everyone’s general experiences with hunting and angling last year. The challenges of COVID and its effects on guiding, tourism and our individual pursuits in the field. The increase in interest in hunting and fishing as people […]

The Cutbanks Conversations: Episode 7

Pandemics, The Grizzly Bear Hunt and managing for change in BC’s Guiding Industry. A Conversation with Scott Ellis – Executive Director of Guide Outfitters of BC.  We discuss Scott Ellis’s history with GOABC and the reasons for its inception in 1966. The history of Guiding in BC as the provinces oldest tourism based business starting […]

Who Cares About BC’s Wildlife? BC Outdoors

View the Nov/Dec 2019 GOABC article in BC Outdoors. ON AUG. 9, 2019, The Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC) stepped into a new era with the launch of a social media campaign designed to slowly socialize a different perspective about hunting and its role in wildlife management. Download the Article Here

Wild Harvest Initiative Explained

Shane Mahoney

Do you ever think about where your food comes from? How it was procured? Hunters and anglers know EXACTLY where their food comes from

Guide Outfitters Mark 23rd Annual Meat Donation

Since the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia’s (GOABC) meat donation program was first started in 1993, it has delivered more than 500,000 pounds of game meat to families in need and local organizations throughout British Columbia. Wild game meat is natural, organic and has no steroids, artificial colours, hormones or other chemicals. It is […]

GOABC Supports Wild Harvest Initiative

Wild Harvest Initiative

The Wild Harvest Initiative is a multi-year project designed to accurately measure the biomass of wild protein harvested by hunters and anglers in the United States and Canada.

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