Canada’s Outfitting Industry is a Major Economic Asset

Quebec City, February 6, 2019 – The Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations (CFOA) is proud to unveil the results of the first-ever study on the economics of Canada’s outfitting industry.

Canada is a nation rich in natural resources, breathtaking scenery and some of the most sought-after game and fish species in the world. As a result, outfitting services for hunting and fishing in Canada are big business as sportsmen from across North America and around the globe flock to the country for the adventure of a lifetime.

At the request of CFOA, Southwick Associates conducted research to examine the overall impact the outfitting industry has on the Canadian economy. The study shows that fishing/hunting outfitters represent an asset for the Canadian Tourism industry and are an important economic force, particularly for rural and remote regions: more than 4,000 businesses; total annual economic effect higher than $5.5B; and over 37,000 jobs supported. Outfitters yearly welcome over 300,000 clients from outside Canada.

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